Governance - The Fermain Academy (Youth Engagement Schools Trust)

The Fermain Academy Board of Governors (YES Trust Board of Trustees until Autumn 2019) meets every school term, as well as termly delegated committee meetings, and more regular sub committee meetings. Minutes for the following meetings can be viewed here:

Autumn Term 2015 - GB Minutes

Spring Term 2016 - GB Minutes

Summer Term 2016 - GB Minutes

Autumn Term 2016 - GB Minutes

Spring Term 2017 - GB Minutes

Summer Term 2017 - GB Minutes 

Autumn Term 2017 - GB Minutes

Spring Term 2018 - GB Minutes

Summer Term 2018 - GB Minutes

Autumn Term 2018 - GB Minutes

Spring Term 2019 - GB Minutes

Summer Term 2019 - GB Minutes

Attendance at Governing Board Meetings

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Business / Pecuniary Interests

The Trust keeps a record of all declared business interests. The up to date register of interests can be viewed here.


Our Governing Board

Stephen Armstrong - Chair of Governors

Stephen ArmstrongStephen lives in London and is married with two grown-up daughters.

Stephen has a background in special education both as a teacher and as a headteacher in special schools in London and Essex. He has worked as an advisory teacher in Newham for children with a range of special educational needs. He has also worked as a project leader with Achievement for All (now a national charity supporting students and their families to raise aspirations for improved achievement at school and also outside of school) in Camden and nationally as special school lead for Achievement for All.

He is now retired from working in education and enjoys a range of activities, such as learning to play the violin, gardening, travelling, reading, sailing, musical concerts, and art exhibitions.

Stephen is proud to have been a Governor at The Fermain Academy for three years and subsequently both Vice Chair and Chair of Governors. He is strongly committed to the ongoing success of The Fermain and visits the school on average once per month. Although he lives in London, he can be contacted both in person during school visits and through a contact number available through application to the school.



Stephen Armstrong - Chair
Lee Cambray – Headteacher
Emma Sandbach – Deputy Headteacher
Ruth Roberts
Jane Moore
Deb Gibson