At the Fermain Academy we offer the opportunity to gain so much more than academic qualifications alone.

The Enrichment programme aims to:

  • be fun, challenging and Inspirational
  • help you make new friends and be part of the school community
  • help build important social skills and enhance community engagement
  • enhance your life experience and enable you to learn a variety of new and interesting skills which will aid you when applying for jobs or places on Further Education courses

It’s for you to decide how much or little you want to embrace the school experience. We’d love you to think about what you can achieve during your time at the Fermain Academy and how you can make the most of this time as a Student here.


Get in touch

For more information or to refer a student please use the details below.

Tel: 01625 611 001

Address: The Fermain Academy, Beswick Street, Macclesfield, SK11 8JG