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Subjects and Qualifications


At the Fermain Academy, we offer a wide variety of qualifications. We have high expectations of all our students and we aim to provide an environment where every student who comes through our doors has the best possible chance to succeed.

We offer full Progress 8 accredited qualifications:

Subject Qualification Exam Board
Mathematics GCSE AQA
Statistics GCSE AQA
English Language GCSE AQA
English Literature GCSE AQA
Biology GCSE AQA
Geography GCSE OCR
Information Technology Cambridge Nationals OCR
Health and Fitness NCFE /
Hair and Beauty VTCT /
Art and Design GCSE OCR
Design Technology AQA Unit Awards AQA
Music Technology NCFE Level 1 /


Students also have dedicated sessions for RSHE and Careers.


Baselining at The Fermain Academy

Here at the Fermain, we baseline pupils in most subjects during their induction. This gives us a better idea of their ability in each subject, giving teachers the opportunity to challenge each pupil. 

Certain subjects use a past GCSE paper to give a good representation of what grade the pupils are currently working at. We also use an online baselining tool for maths and English called BKSB. This involves pupils answering a range of levelled questions, which when completed gives a level and percentage. Pupils are given their results once completed. 

Below is a table, showing how each level equates to each grade in GCSE, as well as the old style GCSE grades. 

For example, Pupil A scores 64% on the Level 1 BKSB test in maths. The table would show that Pupil A would currently be working at a GCSE Grade 2.

% Score Old Style GCSE Grade New Style GCSE Grade Baseline Equivalent
91<100 U U < Entry 3 (85%)
81<90 G 1 Entry 3 (86%) - Level 1 (20%)
71<80 F 1.5 Level 1 (21% - 50%)
61<70 E 2 Level 1 (51% - 80%)
51<60 D 3 Level 1 (81%) - Level 2 (10%)
41<50 C 4 Level 2 (11% - 40%)
31<40 B 5/6 Level 2 (41% - 70%)
21<30 A 7 Level 2 (71% - 93%)
11<20 A* 8/9 Level 2 (94% <)




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