Welcome to The Fermain Academy Website Providing excellence for every learner A supportive environment to learn and develop Improving behaviour and attitudes We prepare students for reintegration into mainstream education Reinforcing self-esteem, self-confidence and integrity

With facilities to cater for up to 90 students aged 13-16 at any given time, the academy is a safe place of learning for those who, for whatever reason, have become disengaged from mainstream education.


At The Fermain Academy every young person should be given the opportunity to succeed in their learning and personal development and achieve their potential. Our aim is to prepare them for the future through a broad curriculum, combined with practical, vocational elements and full wrap around pastoral support.

We offer a number of different curriculum pathways and experiences. Each of our learners are seen as an individual and support is tailored to meet their needs; this includes 1-2-1 specific interventions in academic areas as well as wellbeing support for those who require it for a short period or longer term.  

Staff at The Fermain Academy are empathetic, understanding and well skilled, they see potential, and our success rate mirrors their faith in our students.  To enable our students to flourish, we have a strong team designated to support our students to regulate their own emotions to build resilience and self-esteem, skills that are invaluable for their life after school.

We make a commitment to our students and never give up on them, to enable them to become the best version of themselves. 

Helen Phillips
Executive Headteacher


Supportive Environment

We provide a supportive environment to allow all students to learn and develop in their own way to reach their full potential.

Changing Behaviour

We improve each student’s behaviour and attitudes towards their peers and adults.


We prepare students for reintegration into mainstream education, where it’s appropriate to do so.

A Boost to Students

We reinforce each student’s self-esteem, self-confidence and integrity.


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