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The primary aim of The Fermain Academy is to reengage the disengaged and provide early intervention for schools and students to help them back into a mainstream setting. The Academy takes students on a long term and short term basis but see increased improvements the longer the students spend in our inclusive learning environment (5 day placements show the most success). All students are dual registered which will be subject to regular review. Referrals to The Fermain Academy will be in line with this admissions policy and will come from an academy, a maintained school or by a Local Authority. The Fermain Academy will be run in accordance with all equalities law. It will admit students aged between 13 and 16 years who have been referred to the schools. In the final summer half-term we may endeavour to take year 8 students (12 years of age) that will be referred in September to provide a longer transition and allow for a more successful integration in the new academic year. All referrals of this type will be in discussion with the school principal. The Fermain Academy does not accept applications from parents/carers or self-referrals from potential students. Students are likely, but not exclusively, to have experienced school attendance issues and social, emotional or behavioural difficulties. Students who will benefit from a placement at The Fermain Academy are likely to fall into the following categories:-


  • Students who have come into contact with several support agencies
  • Students who have had or having little success in the formal education system
  • Students who have had, or are at risk of having a fixed term or permanent exclusion
  • Students who have social and emotional issues which are impacting on their education
  • Students who have been bullied, or have bullied others
  • Students who have had patterns of poor school attendance and cannot re-establish consistent attendance at their mainstream setting
  • Students who are disadvantaged and vulnerable due to a range of social circumstances (e.g. families experiencing risks such as poverty, substance misuse, mental health issues)
  • Students who require Day 6 provision


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Our Admissions Policy can be read here: The Fermain Academy Admissions Policy