Dress Code

Students should be smart, and dressed appropriately for a place of learning.

  1. Students can wear jeans but not ripped or any other clothing that is ripped. Smart denim is fine.
  2. Smart tracksuits are allowed providing they are not ripped and not depicting anything in section 7
  3. Trousers should be worn at waist height, not off (or below!) the hips.
  4. Students can wear shorts in the summer months. We ask you not to wear sports shorts or ‘hot pants’ at any time of the year. Leggings should be of good quality.
  5. Students should not wear cropped or low cut tops. Miniskirts should be no higher than just above the knee.
  6. Dressing for the beach is not appropriate.
  7. Students should not wear clothing items with bad or offensive language, that which depicts motifs of a drug culture or images that depict an individual in revealing and or inappropriate poses
  8. Headwear is not to be worn inside school buildings – unless for religious or medical reasons.
  9. Sensible jewellery can be worn (facial jewellery such as eyebrow studs and nose/lip studs may not be acceptable this is at the discretion of the Principal or Deputy Principal).
  10. Make-up should be light and natural.
  11. If leather items such as jackets, trousers or boots are worn they should be without motifs, studs or metallic decorations.

Although we appreciate style and individuality, please respect the fact that this is still a school and consequently ask you to abide by the rules of the dress code, which is still very flexible and allows plenty of scope for self-expression. Student/Academy Agreement Students act as role models around the school by:

  • Being polite and supportive to peers and younger students as well as teaching and support staff. Sexist, racist or homophobic words and behaviour are not acceptable.
  • This is a non-smoking environment; smoking is not permitted in or around the vicinity of the academy, including the recreational ground and car parks.
  • No alcohol, drugs or any drug related culture (including legal highs) should be brought into the school environment or taken/purchased on school trips. There should be no consumption of alcohol and students are not to visit Public Houses.
  • The use of mobile phones/iPods etc is restricted to break times only

We expect all students to use school facilities in an appropriate way by:

  • Looking after the common areas and in particular clearing away rubbish into the bins, reporting any damage or destruction of property immediately and have no feet on chairs or tables.
  • Signing out if leaving the school site and signing back in on their return are strictly agreed between the Principal and or Deputy Principal and Parents/Carers.

Students should develop a mature work ethic, which includes: Attending and being punctual to all timetabled lessons, registration, briefings

Art work