Ethos and Vision

‘At The Fermain Academy we reengage the disengaged by raising their aspirations, realising their potential and recognising their achievements through an individualised whole-education approach facilitated in small working groups by trusted adult role models’.

The Fermain Academy was set up with a vision to reengage those students who have become disconnected with not only mainstream education but with their own dreams and aspirations. We want to help students to recognise their achievements, and by delivering a personalised curriculum that will allow them to sit a minimum of five GCSEs (or equivalent).

We will prepare them for a world where they can truly realise their full potential. Designed to encourage all students to be respectful of, and generate their own alternative viewpoints and ideas, we’ll deliver a complete academic, social and emotional learning experience by placing students in smaller working groups led by adult role models that our students trust.

The safety and wellbeing – both emotional and physical – of all our students and staff is paramount, something we ensure by maintaining safe and stimulating learning environments and implementing robust systems of behaviour, as well as social and emotional support. Finally, we want to provide the best possible standards of care, support, and learning for all students and staff by promoting an environment in which our staff can develop and share their skills, knowledge and experience.

The Fermain Academy exists to provide education for 13-16 year olds who have been excluded or are at risk of exclusion, and who may be experiencing emotional and behavioural difficulties.

By focusing on academic achievements through focused personal and social development programmes we can establish the foundations on which to build trust and re-engagement in learning.

We support the ‘whole student’ by concentrating on focused personal and social development programmes, which in turn helps us to establish solid foundations on which to build. We put in place provision that helps them to overcome the range of challenges they often face.

All student successes will be celebrated and praised in order to raise the students’ self-confidence and self esteem. We understand that by raising the self-worth of the ‘whole student’ they are much more likely to re-engage with and establish a love of learning, which will ultimately allow each student to meet and exceed their academic targets.