Local Support Board

Governance - The Fermain Academy (Youth Engagement Schools Trust)

The Fermain Academy Local Support Board (LSB) (Also the YES Trust Board of Trustees until Autumn 2019), meets every school term following an agenda driven by the Board of Trustees of the YES Trust. All aspects of safeguarding, school improvement, finance, HR, H&S and strategic leadership are discussed. Minutes for the following meetings can be viewed here:

Autumn Term 2015 – GB Minutes
Spring Term 2016 – GB Minutes
Summer Term 2016 – GB Minutes
Autumn Term 2016 – GB Minutes
Spring Term 2017 – GB Minutes
Summer Term 2017 – GB Minutes
Autumn Term 2017 – GB Minutes
Spring Term 2018 – GB Minutes
Summer Term 2018 – GB Minutes
Autumn Term 2018 – GB Minutes
Spring Term 2019 – GB Minutes
Summer Term 2019 – GB Minutes

Minutes from 2019/20 meetings and beyond, can be found on the Trust website due to the conversion to a Multi Academy Trust in Oct 2019.

The Fermain Academy established a Local Support Board of local governors in the 2019-2020 year. Minutes for these meetings can be obtained on request by contacting the school office.

Business / Pecuniary Interests

The Trust keeps a record of all declared business interests. The up to date register of interests can be viewed here.

Our Governing Board

Robert Halsall – Chair
Tony Armstrong – Headteacher
Deb Gibson
Helena Smith
David Heffernan
Lianne Hughes
Debbie Baldwin – Staff Governor