The Fermain Academy’s commitment

‘We recognise that high self- esteem, confidence, peer support and clear lines of communication with trusted adults helps all children, and especially those at risk of or suffering harm from abuse or neglect.’ Therefore The Fermain Academy will establish and maintain an ethos where children feel safe, secure, are encouraged to talk and are listened to.

All staff members at the school hold a Level Two Safeguarding Children qualification and are experienced in dealing with a variety of subject matters.

For Safeguarding concerns:

Mrs D Baldwin
Designated Lead Safeguarding Officer
01625 611001

Mr T Armstrong
Headteacher & Deputy Safeguarding Lead
01625 611001

Mr R Halsall
Chair of Governors (Local Support Board)

For the Inclusion team, contact:

Mrs L Wheelton
01625 611001

Mr M Robinson
Pastoral Coordinator
01625 611001