Everyone at The Fermain Academy are extremely proud of our year 9 student, Chloe, who went up against some of the best young musicians in Cheshire and secured a fantastic second place!

“When Chloe first came into the music room she was slightly shy however I could see that she was interested in music, I soon found out that she had done some singing lessons. Once Chloe and I had got to know eachother she allowed me to hear her sing. From the moment I heard her I was dead impressed with her confidence. Chloe can choose any song and as soon as I play the first chord she is always straight in on the correct notes and makes it her own. Chloe has a natural talent for singing and has great range, dynamics, confidence and power.  Together, we decided to enter her for the Cheshire East Young Musician of the Year competition in the voice category. She chose to sing our arrangement of Adele’s ‘When We Were Young’. Her performance won her 2nd place for the KS3 age range which is a great achievement! I hope to see Chloe continue her singing and flourish as a young musician.”

-Mr Barker: Music Learning Mentor, The Fermain Academy