Supporting Your Child

Supporting Your Child

We want to help everyone C.H.A.N.G.E by gaining a positive attitude and the ability to succeed in life…

Challenge your self – Through bespoke teaching pathways we help all students challenge their ability, fostering accelerated progress no matter their start points. Giving students clear pathways to improvement destinations in all areas of personal growth (academic, vocational, personal, social and emotional).

Help each other – Though all academies serve different cohorts and needs within their student bodies, we are committed to helping all achieve their true potential. Within each academy there is the explicit view that we are one community working together to benefit all. Together we learn, challenge and succeed.

Aspire to be great – No idea is a bad idea, and through our academies we foster curiosity and creativity. Our individual academies all have innovative models of delivery, which help every young person find their niche so they aspire to be great.

Nurture your potential – Even though our students may be dis-engaged or disillusioned with education and additionally often had extended periods away from formal schooling, this does not mean they are not gifted in certain areas. With a rich and deep curriculum in every academy we foster this talent stretching them to obtain higher qualification in the respective educational fields

Grow as an individual – We focus on each student’s skills and interests to help focus specific study on progression into further / higher education, training and / or employment. With access to internal, external and carers breakdown days all our students are tooled to make informed choices when they move onto their next step.

Enjoy learning – It is important to reinvigorate every student to once again love education so they can become confident lifelong learners. All our academies foster this in students inspiring them through well produced educational content and curriculum models, educational visits and guest speakers, allowing each student to realise they can succeed and will be a success.